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Leo Azevedo Fialho (born April 22, 1980; age 36) was an assistant location manager for 24.

Biography and career Edit

Leonard Azevedo de Paula Fialho was born in New York City. However, he moved around the US and Brazil. He studied at the American School of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and also at Beverly Hills High School. In March 2002, Fialho was studying film at New York University.

Through his career, Fialho has worked in TV shows like Big Love, Dexter, Luck, and Ray Donovan. He also worked on films like Fast Five, Horrible Bosses, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Interstellar.

Role on 24 Edit

Fialho worked as a key assistant location manager on Seasons 7 and 8 of 24. He worked with location managers Yoshi Enoki Jr. and KC Warnke, as well as with fellow assistant Clay Dodder during both seasons.

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