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Levinson was the lead doctor in a crew of three medical staffers hired by Cara Bowden to support the prion variant cabal during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

After Jack Bauer helped Tony Almeida escape, they drove to a warehouse where they met with Dr. Levinson. Tony told him to examine Jack so they could extract the prion variant pathogen from his blood. Levinson had Jack restrained and gave him atropine to control his seizures. He later extracted a spinal fluid sample from him to verify the integrity of the pathogen and informed Tony and Cara that it was viable to extract the pathogen from Jack's blood. As they were about to move him, Jack regained movement and used a scalpel to kill the two orderlies assisting Levinson, and finally used his handcuffs to snap the doctor's neck.

Live appearancesEdit

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