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Liddy was an associate of Graem Bauer, connected to the cabal who influenced President Logan, who was monitoring Phillip Bauer's house on Day 6. He was Graem's and Phillip's head of security.

Day 6 Edit

Around 10:25 AM, Liddy intercepted a phone call between Jack Bauer and the Bauer family's servant Sam. Liddy called Graem to warn him that Jack was in LA, no longer in Chinese custody, and that he was looking for their father. Graem expressed regret that they didn't simply kill Jack in Day 5.

Later in the day, around 2:15 PM, Phillip learned that Dmitri Gredenko, who sold the five suitcase nukes to BXJ Technologies, was still alive and in Los Angeles. He immediately called Liddy and ordered him to begin searching for Gredenko and eliminate him in order to protect the company from being implicated.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was never specified if Liddy was brought to justice for his part in the criminal activity of Jack's father and brother.

Live appearancesEdit

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