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The Los Angeles Coliseum was an outdoor sports facility in Los Angeles.

Day 2 Edit

The Coliseum was the arranged meeting place between Sherry Palmer and Peter Kingsley during the final hour of Day 2. There, Kingsley sought to extract from Sherry the location of Alex Hewitt, and then kill them both. Sherry, wearing a micro-transmitter, intended to trick Kingsley into incriminating himself in his oil consortium's conspiracy to send America to war with three Middle Eastern nations.


Sherry Palmer argues with Kingsley in the Coliseum

Once Kingsley determined that Sherry was lying about the whereabouts of Alex, he ordered his sniper within the Coliseum to kill Sherry. The shooter had already been killed by Jack Bauer, however, and Jack used the high powered rifle to snipe four of Kingsley's men.


Jack Bauer covers Sherry's escape

After spending the ammunition from the rifle, Jack left and found Sherry. He killed Kingsley's last henchman but began to suffer pain from an injury sustained about an hour prior. Kinglsey moved in to kill Jack, but was put down by rifle fire from a CTU chopper above the Coliseum. Agents swarmed the facility, and Jack was given medical attention.

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