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For the Live Another Day character, see Lydia (Day 9).

Lydia was a CNB news reporter at the White House during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Lydia was one of many media correspondents at the official White House statement to the press at 9:20am given by Angela Nelson, the Press Secretary of President Allison Taylor. Lydia took notes on Angela's initial statement about the planned US overthrow of Benjamin Juma, a genocidal stratocrat in Sangala. Angela chose Lydia from the group for questions, and Lydia immediately asked about the time frame and exit strategy. Angela only mentioned that Taylor and Ule Matobo were working together on a post-invasion strategy.

Later, shortly before 8pm, Lydia was delivering a live TV news report outside the White House about the terrorist situation. She pointed out the dozens of tactical vehicles and mentioned that only the Vice President could authorize their use. Her report was watched by Jonas Hodges, who supported the attack, from his Starkwood office.

Live appearancesEdit

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