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Mager was an SVR operative working with Arkady Bazin to track down and kill Jack Bauer.

Deadline Edit

Mager and several other SVR agents were given the assignment to kill Jack Bauer on orders from President Suvarov. Mager pointed out that Jack was a highly trained agent and soldier, and that their mission would not be accomplished easily. During their hunt for Bauer, Mager relayed information to Bazin with the help of an informant in the NYPD. After Bazin found out that Bauer planned on catching a train back to Los Angeles, he redirected Yolkin and Mager's team to intercept him. As the team boarded the train, Yolkin and Mager discovered that their contractor had deceived them; Yolkin told Mager that she needed to die as well. However, Jack and the contractor worked together and killed Mager and the rest of the team.

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