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Malignant Wave was a project being developed in Area 51. It was a weapon supposedly based on non-lethal technology. In short, malignant wave would render the victims helpless unable to control any bodily function forever.

Vanishing Point Edit

During the demonstration of Malignant Wave, Dr. Megan Reed explained to David Palmer that the waves transmitted were invisible so there was nothing to hear or feel. When it was tested on the Rhesus monkeys, their eyes were unfocused, drool rolled down the side of its mouth. Both primates were immobilized, unable to stand without support. The female monkey was exhibiting symptoms similar to human epilepsy. There were no sedatives or antidotes for the waves and the effects would be permanent on anyone.

Developers of Maligant Wave Edit

Background information and notes Edit

  • At first David Palmer was interested in the project in the hopes that it would minimize the casualties in war but later declared the project cancelled out of his disgust of the effects.

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