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Manners was a Secret Service agent at the United Nations.

Day 8 Edit

Agent Manners was one of the head security agents at the United Nations during the peace treaty signing of Presidents Allison Taylor and Omar Hassan. When CTU NY received intel that Meredith Reed was a possible threat to Hassan, Brian Hastings informed Manners of the situation. After he and one of his men spotted Reed, they proceeded to apprehend her.

Later, Manners and Cole Ortiz were informed by Hastings of the bomb threat at the United Nations building. Manners was in charge of escorting President Taylor outside of the building, which he did. After it was verified that the threat was fake, Manners escorted Taylor back inside and informed her of the situation.

Manners led President Taylor and Rob Weiss to their limousine as they evacuated the United Nations Building shortly before 2:00 AM.

Live appearancesEdit

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