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Mao was an agent working for Cheng Zhi, the head of security at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles during Day 4.

Day 4Edit

Howard Bern was a member of a covert CTU tactical unit that took part in a raid on the Chinese consulate in order to take away a conspirator Lee Jong and interrogate him about the location of the terrorist mastermind Habib Marwan. During the process the Chinese consul Koo Yin was killed by friendly fire, and Bern got into a fight with the consulate security guards and was accidentally unmasked for a brief moment which was caught on the security camera. Cheng Zhi, the head of security of the consulate, was able to identify Bern and confronted the staff of CTU Los Angeles. Bern was then sent to CTU San Diego to lay low until the heat was off.

After Bern arrived in San Diego with a helicopter, he was escorted by a CTU agent to a vehicle. As the agent opened the door, he was shocked to see that Cheng was inside, and the CTU agent was an imposter. The impostor pushed Howard into the car, and men held Bern at gunpoint as they drove away. On the way, Cheng explained to Bern how did they discovered his identity, and demanded that Howard confess the person who gave the order to raid on the consulate, but Bern refused to talk. Furiously, Cheng told his men to call Mao and asked him to be prepare for interrogation.

Bern was tied up in a warehouse and kept silent. Cheng then asked Mao to show Howard the surveillance photo of him taken at the consulate. Nervously, Bern denied for being a part of the raid and said Cheng would have to release him as soon as CTU found out what had happened. Smiling, Cheng stated that CTU would never find out what happened to him, and threatened that Howard would be sent to a maximum-security labor camp in Xinjiang, while the American government and Howard's family would never be notified. Cheng claimed that all they wanted was just a name. Under heavy pressure, Bern finally broke and confessed the person responsible for the attack: Jack Bauer.

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