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Not to be confused with the real-life author, Marc Cerasini.

Marc Cerasini was an investigative journalist who compiled and published a tell-all exposé on Operation Nightfall and Victor Drazen's subsequent vendetta against its primary contributors - CTU agent Jack Bauer and Senator David Palmer - on the day of the California Presidential Primary.

The report was a classified document leaked to Cerasini by an anonymous source, consisting of transcripts of the House Special Subcommittee's questioning of Bauer and other involved parties. With the help of HarperCollins, Cerasini consulted numerous sources to supplement the hearing transcripts with official dossiers, photographs, autopsy records, and other pieces of documentation to provide the fullest picture to date of the events of that day. Additional reporting was provided by Alice Alfonsi and Dr. George Capaldo. (Findings at CTU)

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