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You may be looking for others with the name Marcus.

Marcus was hired by Abu Fayed to create a component for suitcase nukes. Ahmed Amar was supposed to purchase the piece from him during Day 6.

Day 6Edit

Since Ahmed Amar was too injured from his encounter with Stan, he held the Wallace family hostage and ordered Ray Wallace to pick up the device from Marcus for him.

Ray Wallace arrived with Ahmed's money, but Marcus explained that the device cost him more than he thought it would and asked for another $50,000. Ray called Ahmed, but Ahmed insisted that he didn't have any more money and told Ray that he would have to figure out another way.


Ray kills Marcus

Ray said that he would get the rest of the money and asked to see the device before leaving to confirm that Marcus indeed had it. Marcus retrieved the suitcase bomb attachment, and Ray took this chance to hit him over the head with a lamp. Ray bashed his head into the ground until Marcus died.

Live appearancesEdit

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