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Marcy was the personal staffer of Secretary of Defense James Heller at the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. during Day 4 and Day 5.

Day 4 Edit

Marcy spoke with Jack Bauer at 1:42pm as he arrived at Felsted Security. She was planning to help him identify a terrorist suspect that Jack and Audrey Raines were going to find in camera footage that was stored at Felsted.

Marcy identified terrorist supporter Henry Powell from photos sent to her by Jack and Audrey. She informed Jack that Powell was once an employee of McLennen-Forster, and that he was planning to flee via helicopter from Van Nuys. She ordered the helicopter to remain grounded after Jack arrived; though Powell was captured, he was quickly silenced by a sniper.

Sometime just prior to 3:20am, she transferred a large amount of data from DoD to CTU to assist with the unfolding crisis regarding the abduction of Lee Jong and the accidental killing of Koo Yin.

Day 5 Edit

Audrey Raines spoke with Marcy on the phone, who was at CTU LA, who gave her some requested information.

Live appearancesEdit

* — Voice only

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