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Maria Vlacic, also known as Vira, was the wife of Petro and Eugen's mother.

Underground Edit

Maria was woken up late at night shortly after Petro and Jack Bauer escaped from Grenkov's thugs. Frantic, Petro told Maria to get their son so they could leave, but Maria refused until Petro explained what had happened. When Grenkov's thugs arrived at the Vlacic residence, Bauer told Maria and Eugen to hide in the bedroom while he took care of them. Once the thugs were dead, Bauer escorted Petro and his family to his car. (Underground #2)

Bauer took Petro's family to one of his safe houses to ensure their safety. After Bauer told Petro he needed to come with him to help him rescue Sofiya, Maria protested and told Petro that he and Bauer would be killed if they tried to go up against Grenkov. Nevertheless, the two left anyway. While Maria stayed in the bedroom contemplating her husband's safety, Eugen snuck into the bathroom and called CIA agent Reese. (Underground #3)

David and Reese located Maria and Eugen and questioned them about Bauer's whereabouts. Maria pleaded with the agents, telling them that Petro was innocent and shouldn't get in trouble for what he did, while Eugen told them information about where Bauer was heading. Maria and her son stayed in the safe house while Reese and David resumed their hunt for Jack Bauer. (Underground #4)