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Marie Warner was Kate Warner's younger sister. After their mother died, Marie was recruited into Second Wave by Syed Ali. She continued to live with her family as though nothing had happened, secretly funneling money from Warner Enterprises into Ali's accounts.

Before Day 2 Edit

Marie lived with her mother, her father Bob Warner, and her sister Kate in Saudi Arabia when Marie was a teenager. There, she became familiar with Islam and Middle Eastern culture. She spoke fluent Arabic.

Marie went to college in London when the family lived there. Her mother died during that time, and Marie ran away for 3-4 weeks. While she was gone, Syed Ali met her and convinced her of the righteousness of his cause. When she returned to her family, she stopped talking about politics entirely; however, she embezzled money from Warner Enterprises to fund Ali's terrorist activities.

Six years before Day 2, Marie dated someone named Scott. They broke up but remained friends, and Marie thought of him as a brother ("Day 2: 8:00am-9:00am").

Marie met Reza Naiyeer when he started working for Warner Enterprises. They dated for 2 years prior to their wedding date ("Day 2: 11:00am-12:00pm").

Day 2 Edit


Reza and Marie ("8:00am-9:00am")

Reza approached Marie and kissed her when they were approached by Kate Warner, who said that Andre was on the phone. Marie walked away and Reza and Kate talked about preparations for later in the day. Later, Reza was talking about guests with Marie and Kate. He seemed displeased that Marie's ex-boyfriend Scott was coming ("8:00am-9:00am"). Marie walked in while Kate was on the phone to Ralph Burton, a private investigation Kate had hired to look into Reza's background. To disguise what she was doing, Kate feigned the end of the call in a positive manner and greeted Marie joyously. Marie told her that she had called Brent's and ordered lunch because Reza's parents were arriving early. Kate agreed to pick it up, and Marie said that she finally felt like everything was under control. Marie then thanked Kate for doing everything with the wedding, and told her that she loved her. Kate said that she loved her too, and a short while later the two laughed over old photographs ("9:00am-10:00am").

175514 laura l

Marie in her wedding dress.

Ralph Burton called the Warner house phone a short while later, and Marie answered. When she took the phone to Kate, she asked who Burton was, and questioned if it was Kate's new boyfriend. Kate answered ambiguously, and took the phone. After she finished the call, Reza and Marie ran up to Kate and asked her to come and meet Reza's cousin Sanjit, who she might recognize from the time that they both spent at Stanford University. They insisted that she came, and Kate angrily stormed away and refused to see him. Marie followed her and asked what was going on. Kate said that she was just nervous because she wanted her sister to be happy, and Marie said that she should be happy for her ("10:00am-11:00am").

Marie was fixing her dress when men from CTU Los Angeles arrived to interrogate Reza on possible terrorist connections. Marie was unaware until a short while later when Cori left to work on her dress and Marie came out to find Agent Richards guarding a door with Reza in. Kate explained that he was being interrogated after she hired a private investigator to check up on Reza when something did not look right in the company books. Marie was hurt that Kate was interfering in her life and as she began to get angry Bob came over to try to calm her down. He reminded them both that they were all a family, but Marie said that she did not want Kate at the wedding anymore because what she did was unacceptable. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

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A little while later, Marie notices that Agent Richards is guarding a door where Reza is being held. She yells at Richards, and then asks her father and Kate what is going on. Kate admits to hiring a private investigator to look into Reza’s background. The search uncovered a connection to a wanted terrorist, which caused CTU to question Reza. Marie is angry at Kate for interfering with her life and doing it behind her back. Kate apologizes, but Marie doesn’t want her at her wedding. Although Kate wants to determine the status of the upcoming wedding, Marie is insistent that it go on as planned. She accuses Kate of pretending to help her so that she doesn’t have to face her own lonely life. Eventually, Reza gets released, and comforts Marie with his innocence.


Marie prepares for her wedding.

Now that Bob Warner is under investigation, Marie blames Kate for opening up their family to scrutiny. She then gets upset when Kate and Reza bicker. As agent Tony Almeida takes Reza and Bob to CTU Los Angeles for further questioning, Marie insists on going with them. Marie accompanies Reza to CTU and stays by his side while he is detained. When CTU Special Agent in Charge George Mason attacks Reza, she comes to her fiancé’s aid. After waiting nervously at CTU, Marie sees Reza come out of the holding room. She says that she has hired a top criminal attorney to help him, but Reza comments that Bob will be the one who will need legal aid. Reza explains that he was set up by Bob to take the fall, and that he was forced to turn him in. Marie is angry with Reza for accusing her father after all he has done for him. She storms out of CTU alone.

An hour later, Marie entered her father’s office where Reza was leading Agent Richards through the invoices on Bob’s computer. She apologized to her fiancé for mistrusting him, and swore that she will stand by his side and become his wife. Sometime afterward she covertly killed Agent Maccabee, who was guarding the door. As Reza discovered that someone else besides Bob placed the order for Syed Ali, Marie shot Agent Richards. Reza asked if her engagement to him had been for real. A tear fell down her cheek as she called him "sweet", just before killing him.


Marie points a gun at her fiance, Reza

Marie removes the hard drive from her father’s computer that could serve as evidence to incriminate her. She gets a call from Syed Ali instructing her to retrieve the bomb trigger from fellow terrorist Marko Khatami's locker at work. Marie puts on a wig, and goes to a lumber mill. Using sexual favors, she persuades the foreman to open the locker. Marie grabs the trigger and leaves. As she is driving, Marie is called by Syed Ali instructing her to go to their set rendezvous point. Marie gets another call while driving through Sylmar, and her phone identifies it as Kate’s cell. She answers, and Kate asks to meet her. Sensing that she has been found out, Marie tells her sister that "People have to die for things to change." Marie then tosses out her cell phone so that she will not be traced.

She enters an airplane hangar at Norton Airfield and hands the bomb trigger she pulled from Marko’s locker to Omar. He places it in the casing of the nuclear bomb he was transporting. Marie spots the police lights at the airport and warns Omar that they have been found. They say their good-byes to each other, and Omar starts the Cessna. Marie opens up the hangar door. She leaves as Omar drives down the runway with the bomb in his plane.


Marie disguises herself to get the nuclear device trigger out of Marko's locker.

Along with all other civilians at Norton Airfield, Marie is taken by security to a building on site. She slips out the back door, and is followed by Kate who had spotted her from afar. Marie trains her gun on her sister, demanding Kate’s CTU access badge. She tells Kate that Syed Ali helped her understand what both America and their father, who has been working as a CIA operative, have done to undermine their people. Kate will not give up the badge and Marie slaps her. When Marie threatens to kill Kate, Jack Bauer arrives and shoots her in the arm. He refuses to inject her with painkillers or remove the bullet until she gives him information about the bomb. Marie resists, saying she is not afraid to die for her cause. Kate tries to tenderly appeal to her, but Marie doesn’t buy into her sister’s affection. With the pain increasing, Marie finally tells Jack that the bomb is headed downtown and will go off in three hours. Jack senses that she is lying, and sends his agents to look around the airfield. "They’re not going to find it in time," Marie says to Kate. "We’re all going to die."


Marie after her arrest.

Nine hours later, held by CTU, Marie refuses to speak when her father tries to reach out to her. She will not tell him why she was part of a plot to detonate the bomb and threatened her family in the process. After Bob leaves the room, Marie summons Kate closer. Her final words to her sister were "You think you'll be safe out there... you won't be".

Background information and notes Edit

  • Marie Warner appeared in 14 episodes: see her notable Recurring antagonist distinctions.
  • In a deleted scene, Kate Warner says that Marie witnessed a friend being raped by American soldiers, suggesting that event might have made her more susceptible to anti-West rhetoric.
  • Elements of Marie's story are similar to that of Patricia Hearst. Like Marie, Patricia was the daughter of a wealthy businessman before being captured and brainwashed by an extremist group. She was later apprehended like Marie, but Marie became a terrorist and Patricia became a bank robber.
  • Marie was one of a few villains who appeared in both the season premiere as well as the season finale.
  • The company that was catering Marie and Reza's wedding was Cabalos Catering.

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