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Mario was a character deleted from the scenes of Season 3. He was scripted as a drug dealing accomplice of Hector Salazar.

Season 3 deleted scenes Edit

In the scene, Mario was concluding business with three men in a warehouse by the docks. Chase Edmunds, who had already knocked out Mario's guard Leon, waited until Mario was on his way out before stepping out of the shadows and holding him at gunpoint. The other men pointed guns at Chase, but Mario told them to stand down.

Chase then asked where Hector Salazar was, but Mario claimed he didn't know. Chase then threatened to call Danny Raeder and tell him that Mario killed his brother. Mario then relented and told Chase he could find Hector if he made a few calls.

Jon Cassar, in the commentary for the scene, said that after they'd filmed the scene they realized it "didn't feel like 24". They changed the scene from thugs at the docks to the more relatable situation of an accountant with a family, Simon Cullens. They decided to use the same actor, Carlos Sanz, to portray the accountant.

Deleted appearances Edit

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