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Mark Gelson was a former movie star whose life took a turn for the worse after his career ended. He was a Catholic fundamentalist.

Before Trinity Edit

Gelson was the star of Future Fighter. After his career ended he did not find other work, and was reduced to barfights and scraps that were reported in the media.

He became involved with schismatics after his father founded the sect 20 years before Trinity, at which point he fell onto the watchlist of the Catholic church, specifically Giancarlo.

Trinity Edit

Jack Bauer and Harry Driscoll went to see Gelson, and he admitted to paying some men to "raise a little hell". He gave up his contact who agree to use the explosives, Dog Smithies.

Later, Gelson snuck into St. Monica's Cathedral where the Pope was, and confronted the old man. He threatened to kill him for acting unfaithfully towards the true Catholic church.

Just as Gelson and Michael were going to kill the Pope, Giancarlo, Jack, Harry and Dan Bender rushed in. Giancarlo immediately shot, taking out Michael. Gelson, scared by the gunshot, fled. Michael sat up, not killed by the shot, and Giancarlo dove to protect the Pope. Jack shot rounds at Michael, as did Bender who was hit by one of Michael's shots. Gelson ran towards the altar and was followed by Michael, who took out Giancarlo. The Pope was left unprotected and, after Jack checked he was alright, the latter called for Harry to help him pursue the fundamentalists.

Gelson fled with Michael to Yasin's hotel, where they were tracked by Jack. Yasin and Michael were killed by Nina and Jack, and Gelson was taken into custody.

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