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Mark Wexler and his partner Doug Masters were the Secret Service bodyguards assigned to Secretary of Defense James Heller during Day 5.

Day 5 Edit

After Secretary Heller had his jet re-routed to Van Nuys Airfield, Mark Wexler and his partner Doug Masters acted as his security detail on the ground. Heller took an audio recording from Jack and gave it to Masters, as Wexler kept Jack Bauer restrained. Wexler watched Jack and Audrey Raines, but Jack escaped and succeeded in knocking him out. Audrey then used Wexler's own hand-ties to restrain him.

Christopher Henderson then arrived at the Airfield with a team of commandos by chopper. He found Wexler who was still restrained, shot him to death, and kept Audrey hostage until Jack surrendered the recording.

Shortly after 1am, Secretary Heller called Wexler's cell phone. Jack removed it from Wexler's body and reported that Henderson and his men killed both Masters and Wexler, and took the recording.

Live appearancesEdit

* — Corpse only

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