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Markus Rohde was the captain of the Barataria ship, that was used to transport Karl Rask's weapons to Mumbai, India.

After Osman Xasan Muhamad's pirates boarded the ship, they found Markus in the pilothouse and Osman took his Colt .45 pistol. Osman asked Rohde who was in command of the ship, who replied "you are". He was then taken down to the forecastle with the rest of his crew. The pirates asked him to drop anchor but he derisively told them that it was not possible. He confirmed to the pirates that all of his crew was accounted for, and when they asked he gave up Callum Trent's name. When Sadiq Khalif Fárah was questioning Trent and executed Miguel Blancaflor, Rohde told them the location of Trent's safe in his stateroom.

Later four pirates dragged Rohde and Trent to the cargo control room to ask where the real manifest was. Rohde told them it was on Trent's laptop, and they tortured Trent until he gave up its location. They were taken back down to the forecastle, and Rohde told Trent he would gladly give up all of Rask's cargo in exchange for the safety of his crew. However, a short while later Sadiq shot Trent dead during questioning, and the rest of the crew charged forward in an attempt to escape. Rohde was shot dead by Sadiq while Osman, Feysal and Abiid killed the remaining hostages. (Rogue)

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