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Martin Kail was a field agent at CTU Washington.

Before Conspiracy Edit

Martin was romantically involved with his former CTU partner Susan Walker.

Conspiracy Edit

When Susan killed Department of Defense agent Donald Frick, CTU-director James Sutton put Kail in charge of the investigation. Susan called CTU Washington and Sutton traced the call, allowing Martin to get to Susan. However, she captured him before the reverse could occur.

Susan explained that she was uncovering a conspiracy to use nuclear weapons on the USA. Whilst trying to stop the attack, they discovered had been engineered by director James Sutton. When they went to confront Sutton, they found him dead; shot by the real mole—analyst Kelly. Despite managing to stop her, Martin was shot in the stomach, and Susan in the shoulder. Martin collapsed after stopping the transfer of secrets to a terrorist operative, and fell in Susan's arms.

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