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You may be looking for Habib Marwan.

Marwan was a soldier working for Bashir Ćawil Hanad.

Marwan was woken up by Hanad sometime after Hakeem el-Jamal ordered him to recover a shipping container holding nuclear missiles. Marwan personally drove Hanad throughout Somalia, first stopping at a compound Newbold's mercenaries recently abandoned. While there, Marwan discovered the footprints the mercenaries left behind, and he informed Hanad which way they were heading. Marwan stopped again after he and Hanad spotted what was left of Abigail Harper and Jack Bauer's burning vehicle. Marwan rammed the vehicle off the road before Hanad's convoy arrived at Berbera. As they stopped, Hanad and his troops began to interrogate the civilians until they discovered where Newbold's mercenaries were stationed at in the city. Once they confronted the mercenaries, Marwan, along with Hanad and the rest of his troops, were gunned down by Newbold's troops. (Rogue)

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