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Mathis was one of the members of Adrion Bishop's team of soldiers loyal to the mutinous General David Brucker during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Mathis arrived with Adrion Bishop's team to the rendezvous point where President Omar Hassan was supposed to take a car and be transported to McGuire Air Force Base. Mathis and the rest of the team assumed their positions and waited until Hassan and his security escort, led by Jack Bauer, started walking towards them. When Bishop noticed that Bauer had ordered Hassan to turn back into the tunnel, he ordered his team to start firing. A shootout ensued, which resulted in the death of most of the Secret Service agents and Hassan's bodyguards. However, Jack and Renee Walker managed to take Hassan and his family into the tunnel.

As Mathis and the rest of the team got into the tunnel, they started receiving fire from both Jack and Renee. As Jack threw several smoke bombs to have cover, Bishop ordered Mathis and Donner to charge them. However, as they approached him, they were shot down by Jack.

Live appearancesEdit

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