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Matt Taylor (born October 7, 1970; age 47) was the stunt co-ordinator for Season 4 of 24. His brother, Cooper Taylor, performed stunts on the show.

Biography and career Edit

Matt Taylor was born in Tarzana, California to actor Buck Taylor and actress Judy Nugent. However, he was raised in Montana.

Through his career, Taylor has served as stunt double for actors like Gary Sinise in CSI: NY, C. Thomas Howell in Criminal Minds, and Brad Pitt in The Mexican. He has also had roles on films like Speed 2: Cruise Control, Cowboys & Aliens, Takers (with Gideon Emery).

24 credits Edit

Taylor was the regular stunt double for Kiefer Sutherland on the first four seasons of 24.

Stunt co-ordinatorEdit

Taylor was the stunt co-ordinator for Season 4 only. He took over from Gregory J. Barnett, and was succeeded by Jeff Cadiente.

24-related appearances Edit

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