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You may be looking Megan Matheson.

Megan was a member of Moira O'Neal's faction of the Irish Republican Army. She worked with Tim McGinnis on several jobs, including one in Ballycastle. She considered killing fun and preferred lingering deaths.

One Shot Edit

Megan and the rest of McGinnis' crew drove up from Mexico to kill Moira O'Neal, who had recently defected from the Irish Republican Army. Megan used the rocket launcher on the safe house, a gas station, and a CTU Phoenix helicopter. When she and Maggie split off from McGinnis to follow Jack Bauer, he shot her in the chest with Maggie's gun before using it on Maggie herself.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Megan: Just as long as I get a fair chance to kill her.

Live appearancesEdit

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