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Melanie was a friend and co-worker of Andrew Paige at a software company during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit


Melanie notices what Andrew is doing on his computer

When Andrew stumbled on alarming NAT tables in several large corporate routers, infrastructure that could corrupt the entire Internet, Melanie told him he had to call the authorities. He was reluctant to use a traceable phone number, because he didn't want to get caught stealing software, so she suggested using a pay phone.


Melanie gives up Andrew's name to Abdul before she is killed

While Andrew was gone, Abdul Mahnesh and Kalil Hasan arrived and killed all the office employees in their search for Andrew. Melanie was forced into a chair, and interrogated by the terrorists. She gave them Andrew's name, but claimed that they hadn't told anyone about the code they found. She was executed by Abdul with a sound-suppressed pistol, and the two ran after Andrew when he unwittingly entered the workplace.

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Live appearancesEdit

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