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Corporal Mergenthaler was a Firethorn mercenary working for Maxwell Newbold.

Mergenthaler was one of the mercenaries in the Firethorn convoy who guarded the nuclear missiles they stole from the Barataria. After the missiles were stolen, Mergenthaler alerted Newbold that a tracker had been placed within the container the missiles were in. After the missiles were moved, Mergenthaler and the other mercenaries defended the convoy when Bashir Ćawil Hanad and his soldiers tried to retake the missiles. Later, after Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper stole the missiles from the convoy, Newbold and his mercenaries chased after the duo and cornered them at Sullah's garage. Newbold and his mercenaries waited for Osan Hadid Kamal to smoke Bauer and Harper out of hiding, but their plan failed when Harper killed Kamal first and spotted Newbold's mercenaries as they hid. Mergenthaler and the other mercenaries were ordered to ambush Bauer and Harper head on. During the assault, Mergenthaler was shot and killed by Bauer. (Rogue)

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