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Michael Massee (born August 16, 1955; age 61) is a TV and movie actor, perhaps best known as Funboy in the movie The Crow. The film also starred Tony Todd, Henry M. Kingi, Jr. and Michael Wincott.

Massee was involved in the shooting accident on the set of The Crow that resulted in the death of Brandon Lee. However, the death was ruled an accident, and virtually no sources fault Massee for the incident due to him not being the original person who was supposed to be in the scene nor was he informed of the lethal nature of the firearm. Massee was devastated after this and took a year off his career pursuit as a result.

Other films that Massee has starred in are 1995's Sahara, Burnzy's Last Call (again with Tony Todd), Seven (with Leland Orser), The Last Don (with Rory Cochrane), Playing God (with John Hawkes), Mojave Moon (with Peter MacNicol), The Game (with Tommy Flanagan), Bad City Blues (with Dennis Hopper), Momentum (with Daniel Dae Kim), and Catwoman (with Larry Sullivan).

Massee has also been seen in guest roles on Shark (with Carlo Rota), Alias (with Gina Torres), Dragnet (with Christina Chang), Murder One (with DB Woodside), The X-Files, Nash Bridges (with Jaime Gomez), and The Practice. Most recently, he had most probably his most well-known role outside of 24 and The Crow as the main villain on the mini-series Revelations (with Tobin Bell) and as mad scientist Dyson Frost on the ABC series FlashForward.

He recently starred as a mysterious man in the shadows in the hit summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man and it's 2014 sequel.

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