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Mike Dwyer was a supervisory agent for the FBI field office in New York. He was also Thomas Hadley's direct supervisor.

Agent Hadley met with Dwyer in the Jacob K. Javtis building a few hours after the events of Day 8. After Hadley noticed all the commotion, Dwyer noted that the entire office was overworked as they struggled to deal with the aftermath caused by Jack Bauer. After Hadley had a meeting with Rod O'Leary, Dwyer assigned a few agents to assist Hadley in his search for Bauer. Later, after Hadley went around Dwyer during his hunt for Bauer, Dwyer called Hadley's team and told them that the NCTC spotted Bauer traveling on Interstate 70 with a man who was supposed to be dead. Dwyer took Hadley off speaker phone and connected him to ASAC O'Leary, who berated him for breaking protocol and threatened to fire him if he did it again. (Deadline)

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