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Mike "Big Mike" Roker was a member of the deSalvo crime family. He was also the owner of Roker Dealerships Limited, a car dealership that Roker used to launder money for the deSalvos.

The night after Day 8, Roker and his bodyguard "Charlie Williams" (actually Chase Edmunds) met with Ernest deSalvo on the outskirts of Pittsburgh so they could discuss Roker's recent, unsatisfactory performance. Although nothing troublesome happened at the meeting, Mike was still angered over Williams embarrassing him by pointing out one of deSalvo's men as he tried to sneak up on them. Once the meeting ended, Edmunds drove Mike to his dealership, where he got into an argument with his wife Barbara for not giving her a ride, and for not standing up to deSalvo. Roker stopped arguing with Barbara when he noticed that Edmunds was talking on his phone. Shortly afterwards, Edmunds bluntly told Mike that he was quitting, and stole Mike's car so he could go help Jack Bauer.

In the midst of another argument at their home, Mike and Barbara were approached by SVR agent Dimitri Yolkin, posing as an NYPD detective. Yolkin quickly broke into Mike's house and held the Rokers at gunpoint. As the agent questioned Mike about Charlie's whereabouts, Mike soon realized that the man was really working for a Russian organization. In order to get Mike to reveal more information, the agent shot Barbara in the thigh. Frantic, Mike told the man that he could find Charlie through Hector Matlow. Satisfied, Yolkin executed Mike and Barbara, and their bodies were later found by the Pittsburgh Police. (Deadline)

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