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Muhammad Abbas was the right-hand man of Ayman al-Libbi in terrorism acts before and during Cat's Claw. He was killed by al-Libbi in the 24th hour of Cat's Claw.

Cat's Claw Edit

Abbas was originally seen having a meeting with Kasim Turkel, one of the primary members of the East Turkistan Independence Movement. He later collected the money from Turkel and Nurmamet Tuman at the Four Season Los Angeles. He was infected with the Cat's Claw virus by al-Libbi so it could "harvest inside of him" unbeknownst to Abbas. He infected three groups of travelers going to three different cities at Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, so Jack Bauer would be forced to release al-Libbi. After Abbas figured out al-Libbi's deception, he planned to avenge al-Libbi by telling Bauer the planes with infected passengers. Al-Libbi shot Abbas but Abbas told Jack the airlines and cities before he died.

Live appearancesEdit

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