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"That Was Me In The Episode!" is the twentieth blog post on Network 24. It was posted by Shauna McGarry, on April 5, 2010, at 8:15pm CST.

The blog consisted of a behind the scenes video from an episode of Season 8.


Episode 15 is also especially special to me because Brad Turner (Director/Producer) and Chip Johannessen (Writer/Producer) gave me a unique and totally amazing gift by hiring me to play “Presidential Aide #2.”

Not only did I get to act in a scene with Cherry Jones (who is just as wonderful as everyone says) but the whole day was a fun treat. I got my own trailer, a new hair-do, lots of attention and was able to hang out with the best crew in television.

On-Set Prop Master Sterling Rush was nice enough to film one of my takes. See it below.

A video then shows a scene from "Day 8: 5:00am-6:00am" that includes Shauna McGarry.

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