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Nick Dyson was a mole inside the FBI Surveillance Team at the Federal Building, along with Agent McKey and Tony Almeida. He was working for Bernard Copeland.

Cat's Claw Edit

In Cat's Claw, Dyson was employed by the FBI and was in fact an operative in the Monkey Wrench Gang. He alerted Copeland of Jack's meeting with Mercy Bennet and later when Bennet was trailing Frankie Michaelmas told Copeland to grab Bennet. When Tony Almeida saw Bennet pulled into a van by subordinates of Copeland, Dyson clubbed him from behind, giving Almeida a concussion. Dyson subdued McKey, but while fighting McKey, Almeida regained himself and knocked out Dyson. Dyson lapsed into a coma and muttered "Monkey Wrench Gang" before dying.

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