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For the airfield, see Norton Airfield.

Norton was a federal judge who ordered the agents of CTU Los Angeles not to interrogate the terrorist collaborator Joe Prado during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

When terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan determined that his associate Prado had been detained by CTU, his play to prevent Prado from being tortured for information was a legal approach. Marwan, or someone loyal to him, contacted the lawyer David Weiss, who then approached Judge Norton with a habeas corpus claim. Judge Norton feared that since Prado had no criminal record, his rights might be violated if he were treated like a terrorist. Norton ordered CTU LA director Bill Buchanan to leave Prado unharmed. Weiss and a Federal Marshal arrived at CTU to ensure that Norton's orders were not ignored. Norton himself later spoke with Buchanan over the phone about this case the boundaries of the Patriot Act.

Norton's order was ignored by Jack Bauer after Weiss and the federal marshal departed from CTU. Bauer restrained and beat Prado in the parking lot until the suspect revealed Marwan's location: a nightclub named The Hub.

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