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Nurmamet Tuman was a member of the East Turkistan Independence Movement. He arranged the money for a terrorist act to be taken against China. He was killed by Ayman al-Libbi.

Before Cat's Claw Edit

Tuman worked as a mole inside the Chinese government for almost twenty years. Communist leaders however, distrusted him because of his Uygur heritage and displaced him to the United States. He lived under the name Marcus Lee and occasionally spied for the Chinese. Russian intelligence, however, had linked him to ETIM members. He had been linked to account 904900201 in the Cayman Islands, which matched ETIM. He had sent $2,000,000 there recently before Cat's Claw, presumably to pay Ayman al-Libbi.

Cat's Claw Edit

In Cat's Claw, Tuman met with fellow ETIM member Kasim Turkel and al-Libbi associate Muhammad Abbas to make final preparations for the attack that would kill Xu Boxiong and President Harry Barnes at the Vanderbilt Complex. After Nina Myers, Secret Service, and his Consulate placed visits to him regarding both the meetings at Vanderbilt and ETIM, he thought it would be too dangerous to continue the attacks, and tried to reason with, then kill, Ayman al-Libbi. Al-Libbi killed Tuman before he could kill him.

Live appearancesEdit

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