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The official website of 24 was hosted at over the course of the series' original run. The website featured full episodes and clips, episode summaries, character and cast profiles, games, and many other features, changing from season to season. The site was reactivated for the 2014 event series 24: Live Another Day, and again for the 2017 spinoff 24: Legacy.

Recurring features Edit

Character profiles
For the first six seasons, profiles were written for prominent characters outlining their work and educational histories. Marc Cerasini contributed the character profiles for season 1, which were later included and expanded in his novel Findings at CTU.
For the season 7 redesign, tabs suggested the existence of character profiles for each of the main cast, but these were never made available. No profiles were featured for season 8 or later seasons.
Research Files
The Research Files were informative essays released weekly, exploring a real-world concept featured in that week's episode. The Research Files were discontinued after Season 6.

History Edit

Season 1 (2001-2002) Edit

Official website (season 1)

The Season 1 website (archived; assets missing)

The original version of the site was built in Adobe Flash and launched around October 2001 prior to the series premiere on November 6. A short intro featured the 24 Theme and images from the first two episodes. A ticker above the site content featured news items and the next episode's airdate.

This version of the site was available as an archived version through seasons 2 through 4.

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Season 2 (2002-2003) Edit

Official website Season 2

The Season 2 website

In the run up to the second season, the flash website was updated, keeping the same format but with new content. It contained a link at the bottom to the archived version of the season 1 site.

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Legacy (2016-present) Edit

Official website (Legacy 1)

24: Legacy website

In January 2016, the official website was relaunched and redirected to the URL The initial version featured the 24: Legacy press release and a playlist of officially released promotional videos.

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