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Oliver Krakowski was an accomplice of Christopher Gerber.

Before Conspiracy Edit

Oliver Krakowski, an arms dealer, did business with Christopher Gerber which was catalogued by the Counter Terrorist Unit.

Conspiracy Edit

Martin Kail, while investigating a lead on rogue agent Susan Walker, interrogated Gerber, who killed himself. Kail asked CTU DC analyst Kelly to do a background check, and Kelly discovered a file from CTU Los Angeles on Krakowski, Gerber's known accomplice in DC.

Kail went to Krakowski's house to question him. Krakowski was returning with a bag of groceries, but threw them at Kail and ran when he realized he was under suspicion. Kail cornered him, but Krakowski was suddenly shot to death by Susan Walker, who then knocked out Kail and captured him.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Krakowski appears exclusively in the mobile phone series 24: Conspiracy, which takes place during the same day as Day 4.
  • The CTU database file on Oliver which was pulled up by Kelly contains numerous continuity errors. The name "Oliver" is prominently misspelled and much of the "information" in the file is gibberish.

Live appearancesEdit

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