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Osan Hadid Kamal was an African warlord who commanded a team of child soldiers in Burao.

As Kamal relaxed in his sanctuary, he was approached by Qeyd, one of his servants. The young soldier informed Kamal that a spy from Xagal found out that Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper stole nuclear missiles from a team of mercenaries and were heading for Burao. Determined to get the missiles, Kamal told Qeyd to wake up all of his soldiers, and Kamal's troops formed a roadblock to try and stop the truck Harper and Bauer were in. Although the two escaped, Kamal and his soldiers shot and damaged the truck, and Bauer and Harper were forced to stop in town. Kamal stopped following their trail and had his soldiers question the residents of Burao, and Kamal found out that Bauer and Harper were hiding in Sullah's garage. Before Kamal could storm the garage and steal the missiles, Harper sneaked out the garage and stealthily shot Kamal. (Rogue)

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