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Palmer Campaign

Palmer campaign website

Palmer Campaign was a section of the official 24 website during the airing of season 1. It is an in-universe representation of Senator David Palmer's campaign website, around the time of the California primary featured in the series.

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California Polls open Tuesday at 7 AM - Don't forget to vote in the Primary!


A campaign built on integrity, commitment, and, above all, honor.

Senator Palmer's strong education program relies on increased federal funding as well as accountability for teacher performance. The Senator and Mrs. Palmer greet the students and faculty of Grant Elementary School in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California - today at 9:30 a.m.

Update on the California Primary: The most recent polls show that Senator Palmer is leading California by a decisive margin, but every vote counts! Click here to find a polling place near you.

Inside the Campaign

Although most Members of Congress use appropriations bills to secure millions of dollars for pet projects in their districts, Senator Palmer is interested in helping all Americans prosper.

The Senator's voting history speaks for itself:

Balanced budget amendment
Authorizing funds for U.S. Export-Import Bank
Budget cuts and lessened jurisdiction for the federal law enforcement agencies (including the CIA and FBI)
Y2K Act
Campaign finance reform
Increased funding for Army construction

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