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Pembrooke was a devout Catholic working with Michael Shalhoub to take down the current, and in their view corrupt, version of Catholicism through killing the Pope.

Trinity Edit

At 2:00am Pembrooke called Michael, informing him of the hospitalization of Dortmund. Michael told Pembrooke to send someone over to find out what happened to him. Pembrooke went himself, and with Michael they attacked Harry Driscoll who was transporting Sam Collins to the police station. Collins was killed, but before Michael could kill Harry, police cars arrived, forcing him to retreat. Pembrooke later learnt that Jack Bauer was investigating into who attacked Driscoll's car. He informed Michael of Jack's investigation.

As Michael's original plan failed, he concocted a new one with Pembrooke and Gelson to take out the Pope by shooting him dead. Just as Jack and Harry were going to meet the Pope, the men were moving in. Just as they were about to kill him, Giancarlo arrived with the two agents, shooting immediately and taking out Michael. Gelson, scared by the gunshot, fled. Michael sat up, not killed by the shot, and Giancarlo dove to protect the Pope. Jack shot rounds at Michael, as did Bender who was hit by one of Michael's shots. Gelson ran towards the altar and was followed by Michael, who took out Giancarlo. They managed to escape.

Pembrooke, Wittenberg, Gelson and Michael prepared for a retaliatory strike. They went back in, and Jack took out Wittenberg. Jack was confident someone would come with all the gunfire. Michael, Pembrooke and Gelson retreated and, hearing approaching sirens, decided it was time to leave. After checking Harry's wounds, Jack gave chase. However they had all vanished into an unmarked car, where Michael was working on a plan to recover their destroyed agenda, knowing a certain person who could help. He drove Pembrooke and Gelson to the hotel Abdul Rahman Yasin was staying in. However, Jack tracked them and attacked the men, instantly killing Pembrooke.

Live appearancesEdit

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