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The People's Freedom Coalition was an anti-Chinese organization, which was known to attack Chinese consulates and embassies.

Day 4 Edit

At approximately 2:30AM, Jack Bauer and a team of volunteers covertly broke into the Los Angeles Chinese consulate to recover Lee Jong, a nuclear scientist who freelanced for Habib Marwan and then sought refuge in the consulate. The raid resulted in the accidental death of its consul Koo Yin by his guards, and fellow agent Howard Bern had his masked pulled off for a few seconds.

In an attempt to prevent the Chinese from discovering it was an American-sanctioned mission, David Palmer and Mike Novick hoped to divert their suspicions by blaming the raid on a terrorist organization known to attacking Chinese consulates within the last five years and picked the People's Freedom Coalition in particular for their speeches referencing Lee Jong's involvement in China's nuclear program. During his visit to CTU Los Angeles, the consulate's head of security Cheng Zhi was repeatedly advised by Jack and Bill Buchanan to focus his attention into the People's Freedom Coalition as the perpetrators.

Ultimately, this plan did not succeed. Cheng discovered Bern's identity, who he captured and who later confessed that it was Jack who led the assault. This led to Jack faking his death by the end of Day 4, and eventually his capture by the end of Day 5.

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