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Pete was a corrections officer at the Federal Holding Facility in Los Angeles, California.

Before Chaos TheoryEdit

Pete once worked at a prison in Chino. One of his colleagues there had a sister who was raped after the colleague refused to help a Mara Salvatrucha member on the inside.

Pete lived in Simi Valley with his wife and daughter. (Chaos Theory)

Chaos TheoryEdit

At 9:00pm, Oscar Cisneros called to Pete, patrolling outside his cell, and asked to make a phone call. Pete initially refused, but ultimately let Oscar out after he threatened his family, and escorted him to the phone cubicles. (Chaos Theory)

Background notes and informationEdit

  • Pete was described as "a middle-aged white guy with a face like bread dough and a big lower lip that hung down like he was pouting." (pg. 19)

Live appearancesEdit

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