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Captain Pilar Sánchez was a Firethorn mercenary working for Maxwell Newbold. She was also an engineer responsible for repairing and reconfiguring two nuclear missiles.

Sánchez contacted Jibríl after Osman Xasan Muhamad needed help finding the container carrying the nuclear missiles aboard the Barataria. Although Sánchez succeeded in aiding Osman's pirates, all of them were killed by Jack Bauer. Once Newbold and his mercenaries stole the missiles themselves and took them to their compound, Sánchez personally opened the container holding the missiles and inspected them. She informed Newbold that the missiles were still operational, but had been damaged during the delivery. Because of the damage, Sánchez had to spend three hours repairing the missiles and running a systems check. Before she could finish modifying the missiles, Newbold's men discovered a transmitter hidden within the container. Seeing no other option, Sánchez temporarily stopped working on the missiles so they could relocate to a safe house in Berbera.

While there, Sánchez and her two engineers finished modifying the missiles and reported that they were ready for transport. Before the team could leave, several Somalis led by Bashir Ćawil Hanad attacked the safe house in hopes of stealing all the missiles. Sánchez and the other mercenaries killed Hanad and the Somalis, and the mercenaries headed to Berbera International Airport so they could deliver the missiles to two Russian pilots. As they were making adjustments to the missiles and the connection points on the Su-34, Newbold's crew were attacked by Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper, and several mercenaries, including Sánchez, were killed. (Rogue)

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