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These are the Previously on 24 segments for 24: Legacy. Names in bold indicate characters pictured in the title cards.

"1:00pm-2:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x02prev01 Decorated Army Ranger Eric Carter
10x02prev02 Former CTU Director Rebecca Ingram
  • Carter then calls Former CTU Director Rebecca Ingram and informs her of the situation, explaining that only people who had access to the Rangers' new identities were the directors of CIA, NSA, and Keith Mullins. Mullins asks Rebecca to trust him, but when he finds something on her computer she knocks him out with a stun gun.
10x02prev03 Senator John Donovan
10x02prev04 Amira Dudayev
  • Drew Phelps tells his teacher David Harris that he believes Amira Dudayev is planning an attack on the school. Harris tells Amira that Phelps is onto them, but doesn't know he is involved.
10x02prev05 Nicole Carter
  • Eric takes his wife Nicole Carter to his brother Isaac for protection. Nicole questions whether Isaac will just forget everything that has happened between them.
10x02prev06 Ben Grimes
  • Ben Grimes gives Carter the strongbox and he finds a list of terrorist sleeper cells and activation codes. Carter takes out the terrorists chasing them but finds the list gone. Grimes tells him that if the government wants the list back, they will have to pay him.

"2:00pm-3:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x03prev01 Amira Dudayev
  • Drew Phelps tells David Harris that he thinks Amira Dudayev is planning an attack on Pershing High School. Amira meets with Harris secretly, and later tells him over the phone that she put Drew off the scent. Drew confronts Harris, who grabs him and smashes his head into the floor.
10x03prev02 Rebecca Ingram
10x03prev03 Nilaa Mizrani
  • Donovan tells Nilaa Mizrani that he will stand up for the truth. She tells him he will take a hit, but he says it is fine. Andy Shalowitz discovers that Nilaa accessed the Rangers' new identities.
10x03prev04 Nicole Carter
  • Nicole Carter tells Isaac that she needs to talk to Eric to make him change his mind. Aisha suspects Isaac of wanting to get back together with Nicole, but he tells her she is crazy. Aisha calls Royo and tells him to make sure Isaac doesn't come back from the meeting. Nicole sees Aisha make the call.
10x03prev05 Eric Carter
  • Eric Carter tells Ingram that Bin-Khalid's people killed the Army Ranger squad, and he found a flash drive containing a list of sleeper cells. He says Grimes will sell the drive to the terrorists if they don't give him what he wants.
10x03prev06 Ben Grimes
  • Ben Grimes asks for two million dollars in exchange for the drive. Eric finds out that the police have cash in an evidence locker, and fits Paul Vernon with an explosive charge. He makes his way into the evidence locker, but Keith Mullins shuts down the operation and sends Ingram and Andy to interrogation. As Carter tries to leave with the money, he is shot at, and he tries in vain to get through to Rebecca.

"3:00pm-4:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x04prev01 Eric Carter
  • CTU announces a looming terror threat. Eric Carter, in an attempt to stop that threat, negotiates with his friend and fellow ranger Ben Grimes for a list of sleeper cells, just as a firefight breaks out between CTU and the terrorists who followed Grimes. Grimes punches Carter out and runs away.
10x04prev02 Rebecca Ingram
10x04prev03 Henry Donovan
  • Luis Diaz tells Henry Donovan that CTU cannot trace the leak to him. Ingram confront Nilaa, who was made a scapegoat, about the leak.
10x04prev04 Nicole Carter
10x04prev05 Amira Dudayev
  • Amira Dudayev tells David Harris to finish mixing the explosive so they're ready in time. She and Harris chase Drew Phelps out into the soccer field where he faints; they pretend to be concerned and he's loaded into an ambulance. Carter saves Grimes but loses the list of sleeper cells.

"4:00pm-5:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x05prev01 Jadalla Bin-Khalid
10x05prev02 Rebecca Ingram
10x05prev03 Khasan Dudayev
10x05prev04 Nicole Carter
10x05prev05 Senator John Donovan
10x05prev06 Ben Grimes
10x05prev07 Eric Carter

"5:00pm-6:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x06prev01 Amira Dudayev
10x06prev02 Senator John Donovan
10x06prev03 Ben Grimes
10x06prev04 Eric Carter

"6:00pm-7:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x07prev01 Andy Shalowitz
10x07prev02 Nicole Carter
10x07prev03 Henry Donovan
10x07prev04 Rebecca Ingram
10x07prev05 Eric Carter
10x07prev06 Jadalla Bin-Khalid

"7:00pm-8:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x08prev01 Jadalla Bin-Khalid
10x08prev02 Tony Almeida
10x08prev03 Isaac Carter
10x08prev04 Andy Shalowitz
  • Carter tells Andy Shalowitz that Jadalla has kidnapped his wife and brother and will exchange them for help fixing his flash drive. He asks Andy to help destroy the drive.
10x08prev05 Eric Carter
  • Thomas Locke attempts to stop them both, but Eric Carter overpowers him and ties him up. He meets with Jadalla, ensuring the safety of Isaac and Nicole, then is put into the back of a van. Jadalla instructs his men to find Nicole and Isaac and kill them.

"8:00pm-9:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x09prev01 Andy Shalowitz
10x09prev02 Tony Almeida
10x09prev03 Nicole Carter
10x09prev04 Asim Naseri
10x09prev05 Eric Carter

"9:00pm-10:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x10prev01 Jadalla Bin-Khalid
10x10prev02 Asim Naseri
10x10prev03 Eric Carter
10x10prev04 Senator John Donovan

"10:00pm-11:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x11prev01 Rebecca Ingram
10x11prev02 Eric Carter
10x11prev03 Ibrahim Bin-Khalid
10x11prev04 Asim Naseri
10x11prev05 Andy Shalowitz
10x11prev06 Director of National Intelligence Donald Simms
10x11prev07 Tony Almeida

"11:00pm-12:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
10x12prev01 Rebecca Ingram
10x12prev02 Senator John Donovan
10x12prev03 Tony Almeida
10x12prev04 Eric Carter

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