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Qeyd was one of Osan Hadid Kamal's soldiers.

Qeyd interrupted Kamal while he was relaxing to report that one of Kamal's spies spotted Jack Bauer and Abigail Harper stealing a truck full of nuclear missiles from several mercenaries. Longing to acquire the missiles, Kamal ordered Qeyd to wake up all of the other troops, and he and the rest of the young soldiers formed a blockade later on when they encountered the truck. Bauer plowed through the blockade, but Qeyd and the other soldiers damaged the vehicle, forcing them to stop in Burao. Kamal had Qeyd and the other soldiers roam around Burao interrogating the local Somalis, and they eventually found out that Bauer and Harper were hiding in Sullah's garage. Before any of them could attack Sullah's garage, Harper sneaked out of the building and killed Kamal. When Kamal's second-in-command tried to force the young soldiers to attack, Qeyd quickly killed the man, and he and the other Somali boys ran away. (Rogue)

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