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This is a collection of memorable quotes from "Day 1: 3:00am-4:00am".

  • Guard: Lockdown.
  • Jack Bauer: What, are you serious?
  • Guard: (sarcastically) No, I'm kidding.

  • George Mason: Off the record, what is so special about Jack Bauer?

  • Sherry Palmer: There's been an assassination attempt.
  • David Palmer: That's what all the fuss is about? And I thought it was something serious.

  • Aaron Pierce: I don't think you appreciate the seriousness of this threat.
  • David Palmer: I get serious threats every morning with my orange juice.

  • George Mason: You know, it is possible that Jack isn't the shining knight you think he is.

  • Jessie Hampton: "CTU"? What the hell is that?
  • Jack Bauer: Counter Terrorist Unit. Officer, this guy is not waiting around for me so you'd better shoot me or help me, but decide now.

  • Ira Gaines: Be good and you'll be back at the mall in a day or two. Be bad, you won't.

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