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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 2: 2:00pm-3:00pm".

  • George Mason: Look... I know it's been a while.
  • John Mason: Two years.
  • George Mason: That long?
  • John Mason: Yeah.
  • George Mason: Oh, that's my fault...

  • John Mason: Let me get this right. You're bringing me here to tell me you're giving me money? What did you expect me to do? Expect me to give you a hug? Dad, I don't want your money.
  • George Mason: Well, then, give it to your mom. I'm sure she does.

  • John Mason: Listen, you don't bring me here, offer me a small fortune then not tell me what's going on.
  • George Mason: I'm dying, John.

  • George Mason (referring to Jack Bauer) : What can I say? The guy's a little crazy...that's why I didn't want him here in the first place. But he gets results and we need some pretty big results here.

  • Nina Myers: Are you crazy? He's going to shoot me, then pull the gun on himself!
  • Jack Bauer: We'll make sure he doesn't pull it on himself.

  • Kim Bauer: I'm her au pair.
  • Officer Brown: Her what?
  • Miguel: She's her babysitter.
  • Officer Brown: I wasn't asking you.

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