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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 2: 5:00am-6:00am".

  • David Palmer: What do you think, Aaron? You think I'm unfit to fulfill my duties as President?
  • Aaron Pierce: Sir, I'm under orders not to discuss this with you.
  • David Palmer: Are you under orders not to listen?
  • Aaron Pierce: No, sir.
  • David Palmer: Good, then I'll do all the talking.

  • David Palmer: I thought you were under orders not to speak to me.
  • Aaron Pierce: I'm doing my best, sir.

  • Michelle Dessler: Do you really want to do this, Carrie? Because I've been letting you get away with a lot since you got here. But if you want the gloves to come off, fine.

  • Michelle Dessler: (referring to Carrie Turner) Do you think she believed me?
  • Tony Almeida: No.

  • Sherry Palmer: (to Alex Hewitt) Don't worry 'bout him. I'll handle Agent Bauer. He won't be a problem. He's very low on the food chain.

  • Sherry Palmer: (On the phone) David?
  • David Palmer: What are you trying to do, Sherry?
  • Sherry Palmer: I'm just trying to help you.
  • David Palmer: How can you help me? If you wanted to help me, you shouldn't have lied to me.
  • Sherry Palmer: That's the problem, David. It's not always about the truth.

  • David Palmer: Shame on you, for placing us both in this position. It should be you putting yourself on the line for me. Instead, Aaron did!
  • Mike Novick: I tried to be a friend to you, sir.
  • David Palmer: I don't want a friend! I need someone to do the right thing!

  • David Palmer: I'm sorry, Aaron.
  • Aaron Pierce: There's nothing to be sorry for, Mr. President.

  • Jack Bauer: Shoot him!
  • Kim Bauer: What?
  • Jack Bauer: Shoot him!
  • Kim Bauer: I can't!
  • Jack Bauer: Kim, I want you to point the gun at his chest and pull the trigger, now!

  • Gary Matheson: (last words) Kim, you little bitch.

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