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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 2: 5:00pm-6:00pm".

  • David Palmer: (to Mike Novick) That wasn't the Gettysburg Address but it should buy us some time.

  • Nina Myers: I never meant it to be personal.
  • Jack Bauer: It felt pretty personal when you killed my wife.

  • Jack Bauer: (to Nina Myers) You know what, you're right. I don't feel like wait to die.

  • Jack Bauer: You kill me before they find the bomb, it'll be a violation of your agreement. They'll just slap your ass back in jail.
  • Nina Myers: And you'll be dead.
  • Jack Bauer: I'm already dead.

  • Mike Novick: (referring to Nina) In the meantime, where do you want her?
  • David Palmer: Los Angeles. Let her share the fate of everyone she's endangered.

  • Reza Naiyeer: Look, my fiancée just left me on my wedding day because I'm sending her father to jail, and since he's my employer, I think that pretty much means my whole life's in the toilet. So why don't you cut me some slack?
  • Agent Richards: There's a nuke somewhere in this city, and if you don't give me something useful in the next hour, I'll take you back to CTU and chain you to the roof so that you have a front row seat when the damn thing goes off.

  • George Mason: So what are you going to do tomorrow? If the bomb doesn't go off? Have you thought about it?
  • Michelle Dessler: No.
  • George Mason: Probably come back to work here?
  • Michelle Dessler: Of course. Why wouldn't I?
  • George Mason: I don't know. Are you happy on this job? Believe it or not, I used to want to be a teacher. Long time ago. Know why I didn't? DOD offered me more money. That's how I made my decision. So I made myself miserable and made everyone around me miserable for an extra five thousand dollars a year. That was my price.
  • Michelle Dessler: Sorry.
  • George Mason: You know, Michelle, I'm not a big advice giver, but under the circumstances, don't wait around for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy. Do it. Because everything else, it's all just background noise.

  • Tony Almeida: (to Michelle) So what are you saying, that if we save L.A. from a nuclear bomb, then you and I can get together for dinner and a movie?
  • Michelle Dessler: I'll get that list.
  • Tony Almeida: Yeah.

  • Marie Warner: Reza, you really are very sweet. (shoots him)

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