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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 3: 11:00am-12:00pm".

  • Jack Bauer: What are your terms?
  • Stephen Saunders: I have a private jet waiting at Van Nuys Airport. I need to be on it with a presidential guarantee of safe passage to North Africa.
  • Jack Bauer: Never gonna happen.

  • Jack Bauer: Tell me where your couriers are Stephen, or I am going to put your daughter in that building!
  • Stephen Saunders: You wouldn't dare, she has nothing to do with this!
  • Jack Bauer: Neither do the people in those body bags!

  • Jack Bauer: Everything that happens to your daughter is because of you!
  • Stephen Saunders: Get her out of there, Jack.
  • Jane Saunders: Dad, please!
  • Stephen Saunders: Jack, get her out of there!
  • Jack Bauer: Where are the vials?
  • Stephen Saunders: Get her out of there!
  • Jack Bauer: How do I find the vials?!?
  • Stephen Saunders: Let her go! Do as I say now, Jack!
  • Jack Bauer: When your daughter is infected, I'm gonna make you watch her die.
  • Stephen Saunders: Let her go! Let her go!
  • Jack Bauer: You're running out of time, Stephen!
  • Stephen Saunders: Jack! Jack!
  • Jack Bauer: Stephen, you're out of time!
  • Stephen Saunders: Stop, stop! I'll tell you! Just don't harm her!

  • Jack Bauer: Brad, I know you took Tony Almeida into custody, but now that his wife is safe I think he might be a real asset to us.
  • Brad Hammond: I'm sorry Jack, but there's not going to be any special treatment.
  • Jack Bauer: For God's sakes, Brad. Four and a half years ago I was put in exact same position that Tony's been put in today. Victor Drazen kidnapped my wife and daughter, and I went outside of CTU to get them back, and no one put me in prison.
  • Brad Hammond: The circumstances were different.
  • Jack Bauer: And the outcome will be the same, we will prevail.
  • Brad Hammond: The entire operation was put at risk because of what he did.
  • Jack Bauer: This operation started a year ago with Gael, Tony and myself. Gael gave his life, I became an addict just to maintain my cover and now you're sending Tony to prison? It's wrong. Brad, it's wrong and you know it. You should be putting a medal on him, not handcuffs.
  • Brad Hammond: Jack, you can testify at his hearing. Right now, we've got work to do.

  • Wayne Palmer: I'm the chief of staff to the President of the United States, and I'm committing a burglary.
  • Bruce Foxton: It's a historic moment.

  • Julia Milliken: You have been lying your entire life, you are not going to lie your way out of this!

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