This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 3: 4:00pm-5:00pm".

  • David Palmer: I don't negotiate with terrorists, Jack. I won't negotiate with terrorists.

  • Jack Bauer: Get back to CTU now!
  • Chase Edmunds: And do what, some filing, maybe some dusting around the office?

  • Ramon Salazar: Are you going to kill me now Jack?

  • David Palmer: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

  • Jack Bauer: For what it's worth, sir, I support your decision to sustain your policy of non-negotiation with terrorists.
  • David Palmer: Jack, you didn't call to express your approval of my decision.
  • Jack Bauer: I have another option for you to consider. One that I believe will protect the integrity of this nation's policy, and stop this outbreak from beginning.
  • David Palmer: And how would I do that?
  • Jack Bauer: By simply doing nothing, sir.
  • David Palmer: Nothing? Hector Salazar will view that as not complying with his demands and he'll release the virus.
  • Jack Bauer: Not if he gets his brother back.
  • David Palmer: How?
  • Jack Bauer: Ramon Salazar will be broken out of prison and delivered to him. The public, and more importantly other terrorist groups, would view this as a prison break. As opposed to a capitulation of their terrorist demands.
  • David Palmer: Sounds like quite a plan Jack, but who'll break Salazar out?
  • Jack Bauer: I will, sir.
  • David Palmer: By yourself?
  • Jack Bauer: I know the prison. I have full access to the prisoner. Because of the nature of my involvement with the Salazars I could break him out, and deliver him. I have a history of insubordination with CTU. They will believe that I've switched sides. The cover story would stay clean.
  • David Palmer: This doesn't sound like a one man job.
  • Jack Bauer: In order to protect you, Mr. President, it has to be.
  • David Palmer: I don't know, Jack. There has to be another way.
  • Jack Bauer: No. Not in the time we've got left. The Salazars are gonna release the virus within the next two hours. Regardless of how successful you are at containing the initial outbreak, the resulting civil unrest will far outreach any quarantine zones you've established. The damage to this country, sir, would be catastrophic. Mr. President, I need your okay on this.
  • David Palmer: Even if you succeed, I won't be able to correct your legal status. You'll be a fugitive.
  • Jack Bauer: I understand, Mr. President. This will be my last assignment.
  • David Palmer: I don't know what to say.
  • Jack Bauer: If you don't say anything, Mr. President, I will accept that as a go for this mission. (Palmer is silent) Good luck, Mr. President.

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