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This is a list of memorable quotes from "Day 4: 4:00pm-5:00pm".

  • Navi Araz: You are not my son.
  • Behrooz Araz: Why, because I don't want to kill innocent people?
  • Navi Araz: Because you are weak and you stand for nothing! I always saw you as something more...but now, I don't even recognize you.
  • Behrooz Araz: Will that make it easier to kill me?

  • Erin Driscoll: Where are those time estimates on the remaining plants?
  • Edgar Stiles: (hands her file) Right here.
  • Erin Driscoll: These are from forty minutes ago. They update every fifteen minutes.
  • Edgar Stiles: I'm sorry Ms. Driscoll. I'm a little upset about my mother.
  • Erin Driscoll: You need to put your emotions on hold a little longer, Edgar. We're in the middle of a crisis.
  • Edgar Stiles: My mother just died, Ms. Driscoll. I can't put that on hold.

  • Marianne Taylor: I want a deal.
  • Curtis Manning: You get to live. That's your deal.

  • Sarah Gavin: I'm beginning to see how things work around here, Miss Driscoll.
  • Erin Driscoll: How do things work around here?
  • Sarah Gavin: You could care less about me being falsely accused and tortured. You're beginning to feel squeezed out and you need allies. That's why you were so nice to me before.

  • Curtis Manning (referring to Marianne Taylor): The polygraph indicates that she's telling the truth, but, in my opinion, she may be a sociopath.
  • James Heller: Are you a psychologist?
  • Curtis Manning: No. But I have had dealings with her before.

  • Marianne Taylor: Look, I realize that after today, you have a hard time trusting me, but if we're gonna get through this, you're going to have to-
  • Curtis Manning: I don't have to do anything, except retrieve the data your boyfriend hid, and put you in jail for treason.

  • Audrey Raines (to Paul Raines): I don't want to have the most important conversation of my life over the phone.

  • Jack Bauer: I need you to do me a favor - I need you to take Dina Araz and her son back to CTU and head up the interrogation.
  • Tony Almeida: Wait a second, Jack. They're not gonna let me set foot in CTU, even if I wanted to.
  • Jack Bauer: Just listen to me. You're the only one I can trust to do this. Over the last two hours, I've watched my friend come back to life.
  • Tony Almeida: It's not that simple, Jack.
  • Jack Bauer: If I press hard enough, I can get you reinstated. But I need to know now: is that what you want?
  • Tony Almeida: I don't know.
  • Jack Bauer: Maybe I was wrong... You saved the life of the daughter of the Secretary of Defense - who happens to be my boss - you do know that, right?

  • Audrey Raines: I hardly hear from you for about six months, and then you see me with another man, and suddenly you're pouring Dom Perignon.

  • Paul Raines: I would hate to think that you are playing some kind of game with me.
  • Audrey Raines: I don't play games, Paul.

  • Jack Bauer: Put your hands on your head, now!
  • Paul Raines: (with his hands up) What do you want?
  • Jack Bauer: I want answers.
  • Paul Raines: Well I'm not talking! (Jack punches him to the ground, Audrey looks in disbelief)

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